Let’s have a fun family gathering time!

Any family new to Tokyo? Would you like to make new friends in Japan?
I understand that living in a new country can be daunting sometimes, however, once you have friends, you can get use to your new environment much quicker and in turn, you can provide advice to the newcomers!
If you and your family are already settled in Tokyo, please come and share your experiences and survival tips 😉

Let me introduce myself....
I am a Japanese wife and mother of a beautiful 10-month old baby girl!
My husband is French and he is working in Roppongi.
We moved from Sydney, Australia 2 years ago.

At the beginning, we did not have much friends, and we found it difficult to meet people at a similar life stage as ours (most of the meetups are actually about party or dating, and we are not interested in them anymore!).

I also imagine that if you are foreigner without speaking Japanese, your integration might have been much harder than we experienced. So please come along, and expend your circle of friends!

You can come and leave anytime!


東京 東京都佃2-1-2 パリ広場 (PLACE DE PARIS)